Monday, 8 Mar 2021
Several popular Internet applications and services are not available in Oman. Paid streaming subscription service YouTube Premium (YouTube Red) and music streaming service Spotify cannot be accessed here.

Netizens demand well-known apps, solutions like Spotify, YouTube Premium in Oman

One client stated, “I purchased an Alexa [a virtual assistant] from
 but was disheartened to discover that the Amazon app does not function or even can be downloaded right here. I had to go to India and download the app and make the voice handle device function in Oman. But I have to sacrifice numerous issues. The device is configured with settings of India therefore news, nearby restaurants, theatre timings, climate or visitors updates can’t be accessed by means of Alexa right here. It can be utilized only for music and to-do meetings.”

Tariq al Barwani, an IT professional stated that there are some apps that function as per the compilations of the businesses. “Maybe, these companies are yet to have the infrastructure in the respective countries. One must understand that there are many legal and technical things that need to be involved before initiating such a process and accessibility of such applications in a particular region.”

Riyadh al Balushi, an IT legal professional stated that there are some content material solutions that are not accessible in Oman due to copyright licensing restrictions, and not simply because the Government of Oman has one thing against them. “An example of this is Spotify. Spotify has contracts with all the rights holders of the music that it makes available on the Internet. These contracts allow Spotify to stream the songs covered by these contracts in specific countries or regions only, and not all over the world.”

He added that in some instances, the restrictions may not be a outcome of copyright licensing concerns, but may be due to other industrial or sensible concerns.

For instance, some buying internet sites may not ship parcels to Oman simply because shipping to the sultanate is also pricey or simply because they may not be capable to offer help solutions to Omani clients.

Balushi added, “Of course, it is also achievable that some solutions are not accessible simply because Oman’s legal program does not enable them.

“For instance, Uber is not accessible in Oman simply because Omani law does not enable people to provide transportation solutions with out a licence from the government and needs apps such as Uber to be operated physically from inside the nation.

“We must look at each application on its own to understand why it is not available in Oman.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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