Friday, 16 Apr 2021
Under the blessings of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said, the Diwan of Royal Court on Saturday launched the National Youth Program for Skills Development at GUtech. This is among the latest national programmes to be developed under the auspices of Diwan of Royal Court which till date have delivered public and private sector leaders.

National Youth Program for Skills Development launched

Over the subsequent two years, the National Youth Program for Skills Development is targeting three,000 Omanis aged in between 15 and 29 years. Participants will undertake understanding focused on creating the attitudes, expertise and information related with the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR). Two schemes had been launched: the initial focusing on 15-17 years old the second targeting 18-29 years old.

The two schemes delivered are Al Nashia Scheme and Al Shabab Scheme. While Al Nashia Scheme targets Omanis aged in between 15 and 17 years old created to provide understanding about expertise such as coding, programming, crucial pondering, digital media and digital citizenship, Al Shabab Scheme will target Omanis aged in between 18-29 years and aims to construct a huge 4th Industrial Revolution prepared neighborhood.

Speaking to Muscat Daily
, Jon Morton, director, National Programmes, Diwan of Royal Court, stated, “The aim of this programme (Al Nashia) is fundamentally to equip these in between 15 and 17 years with information of what the future of planet of function is all about. We are speaking about robotics, we are speaking about 4IRs and artificial intelligence. We are also really significantly speaking about how they can function collectively and how they can believe about their future. Another essential aspect of this programme is to develop a neighborhood of youth who will give back to the nation.

“We are also launching something called Al Shabab for 18 to 29 year olds. So, the kids who will undergo this Al Nashia programme will get an opportunity to apply for Al Shabab when they attain the age of 18. Al Shabab is much more longer and intense and again it’s about how the future world of work works. Al Nashia will have 150 participants and Al Shabab will have 1,000. What we are doing is creating a community of people who care about Oman going forward. All these programmes, including the National CEO programme, are part of the national agenda.”

Successful participants of the stage 1 programme will accomplish a Nanodegree – a new sort of qualification created especially for 4IR expertise improvement. Participants will be asked to pick 1 of 3 Nanodegree courses. Successful completion will allow participants to apply for stage two of Al Shabab Program.

Qais Rashid al Tobi from the Office of Advisor for Studies and Research, Diwan of Royal Court and the supervisor of the programme, stated, the scheme aims to unlock person possible and supply participants with the awareness of each the challenges and possibilities that the new technologies present.

“Al Nashia Scheme is a highly practical 14-day residential program located at GUtech in league with international and national educational partners. The goal is clear, inspirational and obtainable for participants to emerge equipped with the knowledge, soft skills and the motivation to become innovators in an exciting 4IR era for Oman,” Tobi stated.

“The National Youth Program for Skills Development has partnered with high national and international educational institutions such as Lego Education, Firetech and GUtech,” he added.

In the style of the other National Programs like the CEO programme, the National Youth Programs for Skills Development stick to a rigorous choice method with clear criteria and assessment.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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