Thursday, 28 Jan 2021
As part of the Sustainability Policy to enhance In-Country Value (ICV), Nama Group organised a training programme to thrive Omani electricians’ competencies and skills in the Electricity Sector.

Nama Group holds Electrician Training Programme to create Omani talent

The instruction course entitled ‘Electrician Training Programme’ was held below the auspices of Ibrahim Said al Suleimani, executive manager – Group Human Resources, in the Group’s Nama Institute for Competency Development (NICD).

Within the Economic Objectives of the Group’s Sustainability Policy, Nama Group promotes the ICV notion to create human sources, nearby goods, SMEs and make certain understanding sharing by means of the group’s initiatives and programmes.

The programme was initiated primarily based on the analysed study, carried out by the group, to outcome into valued potentials to the ICV in the sultanate. The training’s primary objective is to boost the participants’ understanding and capabilities to allow them to meet the specifications of licenses necessary to function at the Electricity Sector.

Accordingly, the participants will be capable to exploit the employment possibilities of the contractors, operating for Nama Group or develop their personal companies to function with the group.

The Electrician Training Programme aims to improve the percentage of electrician Omanis and the Omanisation in the electrical energy field. The programme is to be presented to 75 participants, divided in 4 various batches.

The instruction commenced from Sunday with the initial batch and to be finalised on September 16 with the final group of trainees.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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