Monday, 27 Sep 2021
Muscat Municipality is planning to do away with tankers used for watering landscaped areas in the city.

Muscat Municipality plans to do away with tankers for watering landscaped places

In an emailed reply to Muscat Daily, the Directorate General of Landscaping and Gardening mentioned, “We are coordinating with concerned authorities to connect landscaped areas and gardens to piped water network. Those parks and landscaped areas that are not connected to the piped network will continue to be irrigated by treated water through tankers.”

This is a single of the new initiatives or plans of the directorate, the reply study.

“At present not all places are connected through piped network. This move will help municipality a lot. Amongst others, the expense of manpower involved in watering the gardens and maintaining so many water tankers will automatically come down with this move.”

As for the new initiatives or plans of the directorate, with regard to beautification of the city in the light of scarcity of freshwater sources, the municipality mentioned that minimal freshwater is employed to water the landscaped places in Muscat governorate.

”The treated water is supplied by Haya Water business.”

It mentioned that to decrease water consumption, the directorate functions to redesign gardens encouraging the cultivation of neighborhood plants that do not consume lots of water.

As component of the initiative flowering shrubs that are becoming attempted for landscaping contain cactus, aloe vera, desert rose and ornamental grass.

Meanwhile, restoration function in Naseem Gardens and Amerat Park, exactly where the Muscat Festival was organised, has been completed.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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