Tuesday, 2 Jun 2020
Muscat Municipality asks landowners to create barriers around their plots

Muscat Municipality asks landowners to develop barriers about their plots

In a written reply to Muscat Daily, the Directorate General of Investment and Economic Development in Muscat Municipality mentioned, “We supervise the metered parking lots at distinct places in Muscat governorate.

“In regard to parking on private properties, we are coordinating with specialists from directorates general in Muscat Municipality to contact landlords. We are encouraging them to create barriers around the plots so that people don’t park their vehicles there.”

Muscat Municipality mentioned that 4 places have been allotted in the city’s industrial locations to the private sector to construct multi-level parking facilities. “We are also coordinating with the Ministry of Housing to develop locations to build multi-level parking in commercial areas. There are plans to include more areas as part of paid parking lots.”

A resident in MBD mentioned, “People park vehicles on such plots in a haphazard way. Besides, paid parking lots are going vacant. So, why not shell out RO15 per month and park there properly.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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