Wednesday, 12 May 2021
The Ministry of Health (MoH), in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, is expanding the Hereditary Blood Diseases (HBD) medical check-ups to include grade 11 students.

MoH health-related verify-ups for hereditary ailments to contain grade 11 students

The move is primarily based on statistics which show that the percentage of youngsters born with genetic ailments and congenital malformations is nevertheless really higher at seven per cent in the sultanate. The ministry also urged anybody organizing a marriage to pay a visit to the nearest well being centre for a premarital screening and counselling.

“In light of the results, specialists will inform couples about any negative reports. The decision to go ahead with the marriage is left to the couple,” it stated. MoH represented by the Woman and Child Health Department, launched the National Campaign for Hereditary Blood Diseases (HBD) Detection on Monday beneath the auspices of H E Dr Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Obaid al Sa’eedi, Minister of Health.

The occasion marked the untiring efforts taken to market detection programme for HBD in all the sultanate’s well being institutions especially the major healthcare institutions. This will aid in stopping the prevalence of HBD amongst the Omani neighborhood and lowering youngster mortality prices due to these ailments.

Dr Sa’eed al Lamki, director common of Primary Health Care, stated that regardless of the improvement of well being method in the sultanate, the percentage of youngsters born with genetic ailments and congenital malformations is nevertheless really higher at seven per cent. “The percentage of people with sickle cell anaemia is 0.3 per cent and those with thalassaemia is 0.08 per cent. According to current figures, 6,000 have sickle cell anaemia and 2,000 thalassaemia.”

He emphasised that the ministry has adopted premarital examination and genetic counselling programme as a preventive measure to limit the spread of genetic ailments. The programme was incorporated in the MoH’s seventh, eighth, and ninth 5-year plans. Dr Lamki highlighted that MoH seeks, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, to expand the HBD health-related verify-ups intended for people getting into marriage to contain grade 11 students in the sultanate’s schools.

Students shall be examined at the major healthcare institutions in coordination with the schools’ administrations creating certain that students should get verify-ups carried out prior to moving to grade 12. He stressed that these diagnosed as carrier of a illness will be transferred to a geneticist with his/her guardian to get counselling. They will be informed about the significance of the outcome, and think about it when deciding to marry in future because these ailments are transmitted genetically to youngsters if the other celebration is also a carrier of the gene.

Dr Fatima al Hinai, director of Woman and Child Health touched upon the operating manual for well being workers in the field of premarital HBD detection that involved the ministry’s policy, solutions, health-related examination, and counselling. Dr Fatima also pointed out that the department’s coaching program relating to HBD detection programme, as effectively as the media program aim to raise neighborhood awareness on the significance of detection.

The service is obtainable in most major healthcare centres in the sultanate. The program also appears at advertising collaboration among numerous relevant sectors in order to combine efforts and utilise the obtainable sources to realise the very best outcomes in mitigating the spread of genetic ailments.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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