Tuesday, 19 Jan 2021
Marathi Wing recently organised Marathi Cultural Night at Indian Social Club Salalah to celebrate Maharashtra Day. Manpreet Singh, chairman of ISC Salalah, was the chief guest.

Marathi Wing of Indian Social Club Salalah celebrates Maharashtra Day

Dr Satish Ghugey began the occasion by providing the outline of the programme. After a conventional welcome of chief guest by lady coordinator Dr Veena Khardenavis, convener Dr Dilip Suradkar and co-convener Subhash Makone had greeted Singh by providing him a bouquet. After the opening speech of Dr Suradkar, he along with audience paid a tribute to renowned bhavgeet singer Arun Date. Then, the chief guest gave his speech in Marathi.

Marathi Wing’s talented children Sanchita, Atharv, Ananya, Avani, Adhya, Arnav, Aryan, Aadya, Sejal, Illesh, Shriti, Smruti, Harshal, Rohit, Shruti, Omkar, Yashita, Chinmay, Ojas and Srujana entertained the crowd by their solo and group dances.

Swati and Hemant Bhandarkar, Chandan Choudankar, Shweta Jawalkar, Pallavi Satam, Suwarna Kumbhar and Akash More have been the choreographers for different performances.

Singh along with the convener and lady coordinator gave gifts to all the participating kids. Dr Veena gave the vote of thanks.

The occasion opened with the Lord Ganesha prayer followed by lezim dance tuned up on Nasik dhol plucked in unison the Marathi cultural dance and Maharashtrian festive dance have been performed by wing ladies and gents.

The Maharashtrian lavani, Vasudev, Jogwa and group dances have been the most prominent entertainment, successfully supported by the comedy dance and Marathi songs.

Marathi Wing members have been capable to bring out the spirit of Maharashtrian culture. This was followed by a scrumptious dinner sponsored by Olympic Caterer.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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