Saturday, 6 Mar 2021
Maisarah Isla. The draw event was conducted in Salalah and saw large turnout of Maisarah customers from the region. mic Banking Services recently conducted its second Grand Prize Draw for the 2018 Prize Account Scheme in which a customer won RO50,000

Maisarah Islamic Banking Services conducts second RO50,000 Grand Prize Draw

Muhammad al Mashani, executive manger, Retail Business and Channels, stated, “We would also like to applaud our customers for cultivating a habit of saving. The prize account scheme has become extremely popular. To commemorate five years of its operations, we made the 2018 Maisarah Prize Account scheme even more attractive. Holders of Maisarah Prize Account have been winning through its weekly, monthly and bimonthly draws. Our intention is to encourage and reward savings among our valued customers by providing these attractive incentives. I would also like to wish all our customers best of luck for the upcoming draws.”

The exclusive function of Maisarah Prize Account is that consumers are eligible for the anticipated profit of up to 3 per cent per annum on their deposits maintained in the account, and Maisarah is providing away this prize from its personal sources which is the shareholder funds.

Prize account is primarily based on the Islamic profit sharing idea of Mudarabah. Customers want to sustain a minimum balance of RO100 in their accounts for 30 days. For each RO100 balance, they get a single opportunity to win. Priority banking consumers, nonetheless, get 3 possibilities for each RO100 maintained in their account. The a lot more the customers’ save, the higher their possibilities of winning. The winners are randomly chosen from every branch by an automated program in sync with the authorized procedures for the draw.

This year, the total quantity to be won below the weekly draw is RO65,000, exactly where 260 consumers will have a opportunity to win RO250 every by means of 52 draws to be held all through the year. Under the month-to-month draw, the total quantity to be won is RO30,000, for 60 consumers (RO500 every). Under the bi-month-to-month draw, 30 consumers have a opportunity to win RO30,000 (RO1,000 every). Five winners will be picked in the course of every weekly, month-to-month and bi-month-to-month draw. Additionally, the total quantity of the Grand Prizes is RO250,000 for 5 winners (RO50,000 every). Maisarah is a complete-service provider of a broad variety of Sharia’a-compliant monetary items and options. Maisarah maintains a total segregation of enterprise activities in order to supply Sharia’a-compliant monetary solutions to its valued consumers. As a element of its technique, the Islamic banking window has maintained higher requirements of corporate governance, study and improvement, corporate social duty and consumer service that have helped in winning different awards in nearby and international markets.

As element of its future development strategy, Maisarah plans to distinguish itself by focusing on offering outstanding consumer service, building and launching new items, investing in technologies to supply the greatest consumer expertise in timely and handy manner.

Maisarah gives consumers with handy banking expertise by means of its Mobile Banking App consumers might conduct banking transactions, anyplace and anytime. The user friendly mobile banking app, which is obtainable to all Maisarah’s retail banking consumers, supports English and Arabic language. The app gives easy, safe and effective comfort banking to the consumers with a quantity of advantages and functions.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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