Sunday, 17 Jan 2021
In an effort to reduce the use of plastic wastes, Lulu Oman held a Reusable Bag Distribution Campaign on Tuesday, coinciding with the World Environment Day. As part of the campaign, Lulu distributed more than 500 reusable bags for free to its shoppers.

Lulu Hypermarket distributes 500 reusable bags on World Environment Day

Through this campaign, Lulu hopes to educate the public on how a easy choice to do away with non-biodegradable plastics can make a massive effect on environmental preservation.

Going reusable is an crucial component of decreasing plastic waste. By reusing bags whilst buying, a single can contribute to decreasing the quantity of single-use plastic bags that turn out to be litter or head to the nearby landfill.

Shabeer K A, regional director, Lulu Hypermarkets, Oman, mentioned, “We have distributed a lot more than 500 reusable bags to our shoppers as component of this campaign. Through this initiative, we have carried out our tiny component in attempting to make the atmosphere cleaner and greener. We hope our work will undoubtedly make a excellent modify. As accountable human beings, we ought to influence our family members and buddies to decrease pollution due to plastic waste in future.

“Through this campaign, Lulu aims to encourage and remind residents to bring and utilise reusable bags whenever they go shopping. It is high time we refrain from using disposable plastic products that persist in the environment forever. Every individual must play his role towards contributing to the betterment of the environment and the community.”

As a organization with powerful CSR policies, Lulu Group has often been at the forefront when it comes to providing back to the society. Lulu has also adopted the ‘RRR’ (refuse, reuse, decrease) policy.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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