Sunday, 20 Oct 2019 | 21 Safar 1441
Landmark Group introduces humanoid robot at Oasis Mall

Landmark Group introduces humanoid robot at Oasis Mall

The friendly robot spreads smiles and happiness amongst guests as they shake hands and pose for images carrying out higher fives, hugging, dances and other gestures with it.

While announcing the launch of Pepper, Clive Freeman, chief operating officer of Landmark Group, stated, “The Landmark Group believes in making shopping both enjoyable and rewarding, and for the first time in Oman, a humanoid robot which can read human emotions and respond suitably will be interacting with shoppers.”

He added, “This is expected to be a very stimulating experience for both children and adult visitors. Oasis Mall has always embraced innovative technologies to enhance the retail experience, and Pepper is another step towards elevating that involvement.”

The 4ft tall robot was launched in the sultanate by the Dubai-headquartered retail group, owners of the Oasis Mall in Al Khuwayr.

Pepper has the distinction of getting the world’s initial social humanoid robot that can recognise faces and simple human feelings. It is optimised for human interaction and engagement with individuals by means of conversation and inputs by means of an sophisticated touch screen. Designed by the renowned robotics organization SoftBank Robotics, Pepper has generated significantly interest across the planet owing to its sophisticated interactive functions and capability to recognise faces, gauge human feelings and meaningfully communicate with individuals.

The robot was released in the industry in 2015, and is utilized by more than two,000 organizations across company, academic and study sectors.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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