Tuesday, 7 Jul 2020
‘Key Performance Indicators to be introduced in ministries’

‘Key Performance Indicators to be introduced in ministries’

Speaking to Muscat Daily, H E Sayyid Salim Mussalam al Busaidi, Undersecretary for Administrative Affairs and Development in the Ministry of Civil Service stated, “We are planning to implement KPIs for different ministries. We want to bring in a shift in the thinking of the government sector. Employees in the government sector have to link their productivity with the reward as is in the private sector.”

He added, “If you want rewards you need to be productive. We are also organizing to introduce KPI in government spending, with the ministry of finance. It will show what was prioritised by the government although it created its spending plans. The overall performance of the ministries will be accessed primarily based on six parameters which consist of governance, HR, solutions, operations, innovation and leadership and technique.

The ministry has also signed 13 agreements with organizations in Oman. “They consist of PDO, Shell, Ooredoo, Oman Arab Bank, National Bank of Oman, and so forth. They will train government workers. The organizations will concentrate on objectives that are crucial in the government sector like the HR management, the media amongst other people.

“The aim of the MoUs is to exchange best practices between the two parties. Also, sometimes they help us in delivering some of the projects.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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