Sunday, 24 Jan 2021
The Indian Social Club (ISC) has initiated a fund-raising campaign to help the victims of Kerala floods and requested that any person or organisation collecting funds for the cause must go through it, as per the instructions of the Ministry of Social Development.

Indian Social Club raises funds for Kerala flood victims

Anyone collecting relief help for the flood-ravaged south Indian state of Kerala without having a permit is against the law in Oman.

During a press conference on Tuesday, Dr Sathish Nambiar, chairman of ISC stated, “We call for everyone concerned to contribute generously for the natural disaster of the southern Indian state of Kerala. This has been one of the worst floods of the country and we must come together to help rebuilding.”

Dr Nambiar added that the campaign will run for 3 months.

After the initial month, ISC will determine whether or not to place the funds into the Kerala Chief Minister’s Distress Relief Fund or adopt a tribal location.

“It all depends on the quantity of funds that we will raise, and primarily based on that we will determine our subsequent step. If we get adequate funds, we will get the assist of a credible NGO from India and adopt a tribal belt and assist rebuild and rehabilitate the location.

“The tribal individuals are the most ignored and helpless ones, so it will be our efforts to rebuild these locations. We are accepting only money and not any clothing or medicines.

“After three months, we are also going to show the contributors where the money has been spent.”

Indian Social Club members have been approaching corporates and company homes for contributions, Dr Nambiar added.

People can contribute to the Indian Social Club Kerala Relief Fund via the Bank Muscat account 0333005572320088.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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