Monday, 19 Apr 2021
Creating an elegant ambience, Indian School Wadi Kabir (ISWK) invested its elected Student Council members and office bearers for the academic year 2018-19.

Indian School Wadi Kabir invests Student Council members

Mohana Prabhakar, CEO of Apex Press and Publishing, was the chief guest at the stately investiture ceremony.

Alkesh Joshi, president of the SMC, along with its other esteemed members, unique invitees, dignitaries and parents have been present in the college Multi Purpose Hall, on this august occasion.

The chief guest was ushered in with elaborate fanfare. After the lighting of the ceremonial lamp by the guest, the college Western Music choir provided a heartfelt prayer ‘Abide by me’.

The investiture commenced with the handing more than of charge by the earlier year’s home masters and mistresses to their newly appointed forerunners.

This was followed by the presentation of badges to the members of the Student Head Council as nicely as the home workplace bearers, by the chief guest.

Mohana conferred the badge of workplace on Sriram Nurani V (head boy), Nishi Uday Asher (head girl), Akash Patil (deputy head boy), Emima N Suresh (deputy head girl), Sanjay K A (boy sports coordinator), Ardra Haridas Nair (girl sports coordinator), Shahrukh Shahjahan (boy cultural coordinator), Natasha Correia (girl cultural coordinator), Aymen M Arif (boy public relations coordinator) and Anupriya Chatterjee (girl public relations coordinator).

Mohana invested ten Head Council members and 32 home workplace bearers. The newly appointed 84 prefects (classes eight to 12) have been invested by the esteemed members of the SMC.

The school’s Hindustani choir captured the explicit emotion in the words of a spirited song, ‘Dil Mein Mere Kucch Sapne…’, which indicates ‘A few dreams there are in my heart, my very own’.

The programme concluded with the singing of the National Anthem.

This was followed by an elaborate photo session to capture the mood of the day.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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