Tuesday, 18 Jan 2022
Huawei hosts Innovation Day

Huawei hosts Innovation Day

The occasion attracted market specialists and government leaders, which includes the guest of honor and keynote speaker, Mothanna Hamdan Gharaibeh, Jordan Minister of ICT, to strategise on the greatest path forward to bringing AI to the Middle East.

Huawei organised the conference to foster a discussion on how the Middle East can greatest position itself to advantage from the imminent arrival of AI. The improvement of a national AI technique should grow to be a priority, as AI is a central aspect of national improvement plans and visions in the area to grow to be diversified, understanding-primarily based economies. As AI becomes a lot more sophisticated, it is becoming an all-objective technologies which will drive the improvement of all industries, making new venues of innovation and development.

Gharaibeh stated, “Investing in AI is an investment in the future. AI has the potential to solve many intractable challenges we are facing across industries today, by transforming the way we approach problems, and completing tasks more effectively and efficiently than humans can. It will also free people from spending our labour on tedious and repetitive tasks, allowing us to use our minds to engage in high-level activities. Investing in Jordan ICT is not only valuable, it is also smart; Jordan is perfectly poised to benefit from the opportunities of AI. We have at our disposal a population of talented and innovative entrepreneurs. By continuing to invest in progressing the ICT industry, and its next evolution in the form of AI, we will open new venues of innovation and economic growth for organizations, and uplift the Kingdom to new heights of prosperity.” 

Anwaar al Shimmari, chief innovation officer, Ministry of Infrastructure Development, UAE, gave a keynote about the rewards of AI in meeting worldwide infrastructure demands and the capability of robots to provide info more quickly, minimize fees and dangers. She stated, “Robots will use building facility management and asset management concepts to monitor and control infrastructure assets.” The Middle East is 1 of the very first regions worldwide to import Huawei’s not too long ago unveiled revolutionary AI goods and options.

The AI conference was held just a week following Huawei rotating chairman Eric Xu announced the worldwide launch of Huawei’s AI technique, as effectively as its complete-stack, all-situation AI portfolio. Huawei’s AI portfolio consists of its new Ascend series of AI chips – the world’s very first AI IP and chip series created for a complete variety of scenarios. The portfolio also consists of new goods and cloud solutions that are constructed on Ascend chip capabilities. With its complete-stack AI portfolio, Huawei aims to supply pervasive intelligence to aid drive market improvement and construct a totally connected, intelligent planet.

Alaa ElShimy, managing director and vice president at Huawei Enterprise Business Group, stated, “AI is on the verge of transforming industries and organisations across the world, and we are committed to helping our customers and partners make the most of the technology’s potential to unlock innovation.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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