Tuesday, 18 May 2021
Outward Bound Oman instructor Anisa al Raisi, 34, who became the first Omani to reach the Geographic North Pole, has said herachievement has given her perseverance and greater cultural understanding.

Geographic North Pole achievement has offered perseverance to tackle large difficulties: Anisa

Anisa was element of an 11-member all-females Euro-Arabian Polar Expedition led by English explorer and Antarctic scientist Felicity Aston MBE. The team reached the North Pole in just eight days right after beginning the expedition. “The expedition has given me much to learn about. All the challenges I faced were learning points. It has taught me perseverance and how understanding different cultures can help solve problems. I learnt how to keep going to achieve one’s goal,” she told Muscat Daily

The other females who have been element of the team integrated, Lamees Nijem (Kuwait), Mariam Hamidaddin (Saudi Arabia) and Asma al Thani (Qatar). They reached the North Pole right after travelling more than 80km on shifting ice of the Arctic Ocean. “We faced freezing temperatures of -38 degree C, windy, and tears of pain as well as stress. We are glad we made it in just eight days,” she stated.

The team also faced open patches of water in the sea ice, as effectively as the continuous threat of polar bears throughout their adventure which began on April 15 when the team departed the remote Arctic archipelago of Svalbard. From there they flew to the floating ice station recognized as ‘Barneo’ and began their ski journey across the Arctic pack ice.

Anisa stated preparations for the expedition started two years ago which also integrated instruction in Iceland and Oman. “At the North Pole, we endured extreme environment, restricted living spaces and tremendous sense of adventure. It was all full of stress but we all had one goal, to make it and we did. It was like I was alone because for ten hours a day, we could not talk to each other because of the head gear. All I could hear was just my own breathing.”

The team held on tightly to their causes for producing this trip and every team member was crucial to the achievement of the expedition. After a gruelling final leg, the team reached the North Pole in great spirits.

They have been met there by their sponsor Eugene Kaspersky who flew out by helicopter to meet and celebrate with them at the best of the globe. They have been also reunited at the pole with Saudi teammate, Mariam, who had to leave the team on day two right after acquiring injured.

Anisa stated that she was glad to also be element of two essential science experiments throughout the expedition seeking at the impact of the intense atmosphere on their bodies and on their minds. “We are eagerly waiting for the results of the experiment in six months’ time.”

The expedition’s sponsors integrated Kaspersky Lab, Omantel, Engie, Poseidon Expeditions and I Feel Slovenia. Anisa met Omantel members on Sunday who supported her throughout the expedition.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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