Friday, 2 Jun 2023
Egyptians in Oman celebrate Sisi’s second term election win

Egyptians in Oman celebrate Sisi’s second term election win

Sisi won the second 4-year term garnering a lot more than 97 per cent votes, according to official outcomes announced on Monday by the election commission. The commission place the voter turnout at 41.05 per cent.

Sisi faced Moussa Mustafa Moussa who got much less than 3 per cent of votes. Muscat Daily spoke to some Egyptians in Oman who celebrated their President’s victory. Salim Saad, director of the Egyptian Community Club mentioned, “Many came to the Egyptian community club to celebrate the victory of President Abdel Fattah al Sisi. H E Mohamed Ghoneim, Egypt’s Ambassador to Oman also was there. Sisi’s win was well deserved.”

An elated Mohammed Mustafa who is a teacher mentioned Sisi is the crucial to safety and stability in Egypt. “I am very happy for Sisi and for Egypt as he is the key to the security and stability of the country.”

Egyptians supporting Sisi’s win also hailed the projects initiated by Sisi in the initial term.

Ahmed Abdel Fattah who operates as an account manager, mentioned the smooth conduct of election is proof of Egypt’s stability. “I am very happy because President Sisi has won and now he will be able to complete the economic projects that he started in his first term.”

Fathi Najm, a private sector employee also expressed his joy. “I am happy because millions participated in the elections. I believe that these elections proved to the world that Egypt is living in a real democracy.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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