Saturday, 4 Jul 2020
Dust blanket triggers allergies; doctors expect significant uptick in coming weeks

Dust blanket triggers allergies medical doctors anticipate substantial uptick in coming weeks

Speaking about his situation, JB, a Muscat resident suffering from chronic sinusitis, stated, “My condition aggravates whenever it’s dusty. It is also triggered by humid weather, so I have been suffering for the past three days. I keep a supply of anti-histamine and steroid nasal spray at home.”

Another Muscat resident as well explained how the dusty climate impacted her. “I suffered broncospasm recently. The doctor asked me to stay away from dust and smoke. For the past few days, I have been wearing a mask while going out,” she stated.

Dr Thashli Thankachen, specialist – Internal Medicine, doctor and diabetologist, Al Raffah Polyclinic, Ruwi, stated, “Since the beginning of the week, I’ve seen two to three patients a day suffering with allergies. In most cases, an anti-histamine treatment is prescribed. It is very rare that symptoms persist. I advise people, especially those with pre-existing respiratory conditions, the asthmatic and smokers, to stay indoors as much as possible in the coming days.”

While he is however to report an improve in complaints, Dr Zahir Mohammed, basic practitioner, Burjeel Hospital, Oman, is expecting a substantial uptick in allergies in the coming weeks. “It is the beginning of the season for allergies. The dust in the air these days will only exacerbate things. At this time of the year, we see an increase in patients suffering seasonal from rhinitis, common cold, or influenza. This may continue to increase until the season change in late September.”

The situations which have impacted most of the nation for the previous 3 days are anticipated to stabilise. An official from DGM stated, “ We expect a south-easterly wind to blow the majority of the dust cover and sandstorms over Al Wusta and Sharqiyah on Tuesday morning.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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