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Dubai-Muscat flight of SalamAir delayed due to technical glitch

Dubai-Muscat flight of SalamAir delayed due to technical glitch

Speaking to Muscat Daily
 from Dubai airport, Geoffrey Farrugia, a passenger on board Flight OV 102 which was scheduled to arrive at Muscat International Airport at 12.15pm said, “The flight took off on time but had to return to Dubai airport due to a technical glitch. Crew members seem to have panicked after passengers reported feeling sick as the air-conditioning system was not functioning properly.”

Passengers stated that they could not get any details till evening concerning when they would be in a position to leave for Muscat. “Officials failed to give a reasonable explanation to the 150 passengers who were left stranded at Dubai airport Terminal 2,” stated Farrugia.

Speaking to Muscat Daily
, an additional passenger Dr Omar, stated that he had been waiting at the gate since 11.10am. He added that he had attempted to make contact with Dubai airport workplace to send an airline employee to supply a lot more particulars to the passengers, but was unable to get any.

A couple of passengers have been later accommodated onboard a Jeddah-Muscat flight that was rerouted by way of Dubai. This flight landed in Muscat at 9pm. However, numerous passengers have been nonetheless waiting in Dubai for a relief flight to Muscat at the time of going to press.

Airline officials issued a statement to Muscat Daily
 on Monday evening but did not comment on when the passengers would be in a position to travel to Muscat.

SalamAir statement

SalamAir flight OV102 departing from Dubai International Airport to Muscat International Airport on July 16, 2018, was delayed due to operational factors. “SalamAir ground-employees ensured the comfort and effectively-becoming of our guests at all occasions, although offering them with continuous updates on the status of the flight.

“We regret the inconvenience caused as a result of the delay. SalamAir is committed to the highest levels of quality standards.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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