Saturday, 23 Jan 2021
The Public Authority For Electricity and Water (Diam) will start renovation of the water pumping station in the wilayat of Al Qabil in the Governorate of North Sharqiyah from Sunday.

Diam to renovate water pumping station in Al Qabil

The renovation will contain installing bigger pumps so that the locations dependent on the station can get sustainable water provide in future.

Officials have asked folks to be ready for the circumstance by installing huge tanks that can hold water for 48 hours.

The interruption is anticipated to continue for a period of 48 hours from Sunday 9pm to Tuesday 9pm.

This pumping station feeds Al Qabil, Ibra and Mudhaibi. The project comes in line with the escalating demand for water in the Governorate of North Sharqiyah.

Eng Ibrahim bin Salim al Nizwani, director of Operations division, in the Governorate of North Sharqiyah, stated that the reinforcement operates will contribute to the improvement of water flow operations for other stations fed by the Al Qabil station in Ibra.

Nizwani added that the Diam will make all preparations to make certain that there is no water shortage by filling the backup tanks.

He also talked about that it is crucial for shoppers to rationalise water use and make certain installation of tanks with higher storage capacity that can fulfil specifications of a residence for a period of 48 hours.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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