Wednesday, 16 Oct 2019 | 17 Safar 1441
Dhofar, Al Wusta witness more rain

Dhofar, Al Wusta witness a lot more rain

In Dhofar, rainfall measuring stations affiliated to the Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources recorded the highest rainfall in the wilayat of Salalah at 617mm, the wilayat of Taqah at 275mm, the wilayat of Mirbat at 221mm, the wilayat of Rakhyout at 214 mm, the wilayat of Thumrait at 196mm, the wilayat of Sadah at 180mm and the wilayat of Al Mazyounah at 80mm.

The wilayat of Al Jazer in Al Wusta recorded 15mm rainfall.

Light and moderate medium rainfall was reported in the governorates of Dakhiliyah, Dhahirah, North Sharqiyah and Buraimi.

The wilayat of Adam reported 14mm, the wilayat of Buraimi at 8mm, the wilayat of Ibri at 7mm and the wilayat of Wadi Bani Khalid at 5mm due to the effect of the tropical scenario.

As a outcome of the rainfall, the wadis in Dhofar overflowed. In Al Wusta, the Wadi Soqrah overflowed as well.

The Sahalnout dam held six.4mn cu m of water whilst the flood protection dam in Salalah held 92mn cu m at the time of filing of this report. The Shakho reservoir in Rakhyout held three,000 cu m of water.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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