Tuesday, 7 Jul 2020
Date harvesting season ‘Al Tabseel’ begins

Date harvesting season ‘Al Tabseel’ starts

Popularly recognized as Al Tabseel
, the season requires harvesting the yellow date and boiling it in water for additional processing so that it can be produced prepared for the industry. It runs from finish of June to mid July. 

Photographer Haitham al Farsi captured some images of farmers and their kids during Al Tabseel

Speaking to Muscat Daily
, Farsi stated, “I captured some farmers processing dates in the wilayat of Bidiyah in North Sharqiyah. Al Tabseel 
focuses on dates that nonetheless have a yellowish colour. Farmers and their kids perform from morning till evening. Parents and grandparents start teaching kids their experiences of engaging in the method singing all the whilst. It is a enjoyable season. After harvesting, the dates are collected at a particular location for boiling.”


Farmers gather their harvest and place them in large pots called Marajel
. The fresh dates are boiled in these pots for about half an hour. Then, the dates are packed in huge bags called Joniyah
, produced from all-natural supplies.


“Farmers sell their harvest in local markets and some of it is exported to countries such as India,” Farsi stated.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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