Monday, 8 Mar 2021
A prize-giving ceremony was held on Thursday at 8pm at the Al Qurm Complex to honour the winning entries of the annual Children’s Writing Competition and award prizes to the students.

Dar al Atta’a rewards winners of its Let’s Read Children’s Writing Competition 2018

Jane Jaffer, chairperson of the Let’s Read Programme for Dar al Atta’a, welcomed the students and their households, buddies and teachers to the occasion. She thanked the two sponsors of the competitors, Sweets of Oman and Oman Perfumes.

Appreciation was shown to the ten judges of the Writing Competition – Bronja Rate, Hebah Bassam, Nalini Subramanian, Jane Jaffer, Ratna Chandrasekhar, Rithu Metha, Ruchi George, Hana al Sarhani, Elizabeth al Sarhani and Bassam Abdul Latif al Saleh.

Three hundred and thirty entries have been received from nineteen various schools across the nation. The theme of this year’s competitors was ‘How to Make the World a Better Place.’ The students researched main globe difficulties and described the damaging influence that these difficulties have been getting on the society and on the atmosphere. The winning entries supplied inventive options to deal with numerous international problems.

The entries have been graded according to 3 various age groups, in either Arabic or English. The judges awarded points according to the following criteria: Detailed analysis and description of a issue and offering a inventive remedy. Points have been also provided for the high quality of the writing, i. e. vocabulary, grammar and presentation.

By becoming conscious of international problems and understanding about their damaging effects on society, the students have been provided the chance to create a higher sense of duty and a new level of maturity. By pondering ‘out of the box’ to attempt to locate options to tough problems facing the society right now, the students have been encouraged to feel creatively.

The judges spent weeks reading and assessing the entries. They have been impressed by the high quality of the writing. The entrants described the damaging effects of numerous problems such as bullying, social media, poverty, air and marine pollution, racism, deforestation and corruption. One of the judges, Hebah, stated, “Some of the entries really impressed me. With simple but effective vocabulary, the students wrote passionately about global issues and suggested many achievable solutions. These entries were original and heartfelt.”

Jane stated that all the participants of the competitors have been winners so far, as they had all researched globe problems, believed up imaginative options and submitted their entries. The audience applauded the budding writers as the winners received their prizes and certificates. Winners who have been unable to attend can gather their prizes from the Let’s Read Book Shop in the Al Qurm Complex. The shop is open from 10am-1pm and from 8pm to 10pm in the course of Ramadan.

Winners of the Arabic entries have been as follows: First: Asim al Azri (ten years), Azzan bin Qais School second: Iram Hamed al Khalifan (15 years), Muscat International School and third: Tasneem al Rumhi (12 years) Hay al Sharouq School. Winners of the English entries have been as follows: First: Omar Issa al Harrasi (nine years), Al Injaz Private School second: Jana Eberlein (eight years) As Seeb International School and third Salim al Harith al Mandhary (eight years), Al Injaz Private School.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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