Wednesday, 3 Mar 2021
The first 'International Conference on Frankincense and Medicinal Plants: Recent Advances in Research and Industry' will be held from October 30 to November 1.

Conference on frankincense and medicinal plants to start on Oct 30

It will be organised by the Sultan Qaboos University (SQU), represented by the Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Postgraduate Studies and Research, and the College of Agricultural and Marine Sciences, University of Nizwa, Oman Animal &amp Plant Genetic Resources Center and Qatar’s Qur’anic Botanic Garden.

Due to the escalating interest to discover new drugs and goods emanating from medicinal plants in common and from frankincense resins in certain, coupled with the require to hyperlink business with academia, it is mandatory to offer a platform to go over the current advances in this field.

The conference aims to market an exchange of understanding and details about frankincense in between specialists and researchers and to establish linkages in between producers, industrialists, and customers of frankincense goods worldwide.

Acclaimed scientists from across the globe have been invited to participate in the occasion. It will outcome in raising the added worth of frankincense and medicinal plants, escalating its contribution to the national economy, enriching scientific study in the sultanate and advertising the country’s cultural heritage. The conference will touch on frankincense’s standard use, taxonomy, horticulture, conservation and harvesting and shed light on the chemistry, biology and wellness elements of frankincense.

The conference will contain numerous activities such as an exhibition by frankincense businesses and producers to showcase their most recent goods in the field.

All interested entities or organisations have been provided the chance to participate in the exhibition to advantage from international experiences in the field. Start-ups and student businesses also have the chance to showcase their experiments and goods.

Those interested could register by logging onto the web site A component of the exhibition will be devoted for posters, which concentrate on the most recent healthcare and scientific discoveries in medicinal plants and relevant fields.

A quantity of organisations and institutions from the public and the private sectors are participating and supporting the conference. They contain the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Oman Botanic Garden and Environment Society of Oman. 

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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