Wednesday, 27 May 2020
Citizen arrested for shooting ‘prank’ at marriage

Citizen arrested for taking pictures ‘prank’ at marriage

According to an Royal Oman Police official, the act was supposed to be a prank and the accused solely needed to scare folks.


Speaking to Muscat Daily, a Royal Oman Police spokesperson mentioned, “The incident occurred on the occasion of a marriage ceremony. The accused has been arrested and referred to the judicial authorities for further action.”

Article 139 of the Omani Penal Code states, “Any person carrying weapons outside the home without a licence shall be sentenced to an imprisonment of ten days to three years and a fine from RO10 up to RO300,” mentioned the official.

Idris al Felati, a psychological researcher on the Ministry of Education, mentioned, “The practice of firing celebratory shots at various religious and social events is a concern for officials. This is an age-old practice prevalent across the Arab world. It has become an integral part of their history.”

Felati mentioned the apply of proudly owning weapons in the present day means lack of self-confidence. “I think it is lack of self-confidence in people that encourages them to own weapons. Some also do it to brag about their bravery and see it as a sign of manhood. But such acts will only land a person in jail. I hope that with proper cultural and legal awareness we can reduce such incidents.” 

Khalid Tabook, a social researcher on the Ministry of Social Development too, agrees with Felati. He feels the publishing of the information will assist discourage different members of the group.

“Shooting at social events is an Omani tradition. People shoot to express their joy. However, it is unacceptable as it puts the lives of others at risk.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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