Sunday, 16 May 2021
Thanks to an ongoing campaign launched by the Omani Lawyers Association titled, ‘Fak Kurbah’ (releasing anguish), as many as 510 prisoners were released this year. The total amount collected was RO405,838 as part of the campaign.

Campaign assists release of 510 prisoners

Dr Mohammed Ibrahim al Zadjali, president of the Omani Lawyers Association, stated the 2018 edition of Fak Kurbah targeted a massive quantity of instances following the association formed a committee to sort the instances. They have been nominated by the Execution Departments in courts, according to priority and humanitarian scenario of insolvents.

“The amount of RO2,000 was set as the maximum amount for each case. We approached private institutions and individuals to support this charitable work, through various means. This year’s edition started on May 10, running for around three months. It helped release a total of 510 insolvents from 36 jurisdictions around the sultanate. The total amount collected was RO405,838,” he stated.

Dr Zadjali stated the 2018 edition has been productive in several methods.

“One contributor financed the release of 30 individuals in Dhahirah region. Also, another significant person who contributed to this year’s collection was a woman from Salalah, who contributed RO5,000. Also, some contributors created WhatsApp groups where they collected money and paid for the release of others,” he stated.

“In addition to Omantel employees who also contributed a significant amount of money, Bank Muscat contributed with a donation that allowed the release of 190 people. Also, one charity association is currently discussing with us about the release of 20 more, providing them support to professional reintegration, in particular finding for them new jobs as per their professional experience.”

For the fifth year, Fak Kurbah initiative has been maintaining in thoughts from the starting the aim to release the biggest quantity of prisoners who got arrest warrants issued against them, executed or below implementation. The initiative believes that each and every particular person deserves a second opportunity, and that Omani neighborhood had set the instance of compassion, solidarity, and tireless pursuit for creating great deeds.

Dr Zadjali stated institutions and people participate massively in the initiative and contribute to bringing the prisoners back to their households. “The participants have proven how much we are loving people, eager to spread love among our community. The Fak Kurbah initiative has received a positive response from across the country, from all classes and different categories of the population, each contributing as per his/her abilities.”

In 2012, when the very first edition was launched, ten lawyers volunteered to perform and they contributed in releasing 44 prisoners. The second edition in 2014 had a broader effect, covering most of the courts and was accompanied by a legal exhibition in order to raise awareness. Some 60 volunteering lawyers worked on it and contributed to safe the release of 304 prisoners. The third edition in 2015 saw the release of 422 prisoners whilst the fourth edition in 2017 secured release of 252.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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