Wednesday, 12 May 2021
Carrying on the tradition of training students in the Isshinriyu form of Karate, it was yet another function for felicitating Black Belt students for the year 2018, which was attended by dignitaries from Embassy of Japan (Oman) and other guests.

Bodhidharma School of Martial Arts organises black belt felicitation ceremony, demo session

The ceremony was organised by Renshi G Kumar, fifth Dan Black Belt from Okinawa Japan. The ceremony was organised to award six Black belt students who passed the test to qualify for the prestigious Black Belt which was certified and authorized by Grand Master Kichiro Shimabaku, tenth Dan – Hanshi President IWKA Okinawa – Japan.

The students who have been awarded Black Belt by Grand Master had to pass tests like 22km run, 1,800 workout routines, perfection in all the katas (in addition to bare hands they also had to carry out katas with weapons like – Tonfu, Bo, Nanchak, and so on). The ceremony was also focused on the expertise of other students of numerous age groups who aspire for a Black Belt and are operating tough to attain the ultimate objective of Karate. 

Kumar, fifth Dan Black Belt in his classes emphasises the worth of self discipline which types an integral part of Karate. Karate is not just an art of fighting or sport it is a discipline and a way of life.

The dignitaries from Embassy of Japan reiterated in their address to the gathering of roughly 250 households and buddies of students, the value of discipline, respect for every person and how it is an inseparable element of Japan’s culture.

Besides the dignitaries of Embassy of Japan, the ceremony was honoured with the presence of chief guests like S A S Naqvi, sports consultant, Oman Hockey Association and Sensei Srinivasan S, president Indian (Tamil) Social Club. The participants gave a fabulous demonstration.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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