Friday, 16 Apr 2021
‘Masterstrokes’ is a unique programme initiated by Berger Paints Oman to build on loyalty.

Berger Paints launches distinctive loyalty programme

The programme has been developed to attain out to the nearby contractors that will give the brand an insight into item usage and in turn, provide targeted advantages and rewards. With the introduction of this programme, Berger Paints is reiterating the company’s commitment to develop and establish itself in the nearby marketplace.

The loyalty scheme is becoming promoted on digital platforms wherein the contractors are becoming encouraged to download the app from Google Play Store. Points will be awarded and accrued for buy of Berger Paints items that will be redeemable twice a year against money present vouchers.

Within a brief span of time, the app has currently clocked in 300 registrations that speaks volumes on the simplicity and achievement of this novel concept. The initial batch of beneficiaries is but to be announced and Berger Paints is confident that the numbers will only develop in the coming months.

Other than becoming helpful to the contractors, Masterstrokes will assist track purchasing patterns, consumption habits and trends in item usage. It will develop a database that will assist Berger Paints program ahead, supply a lot more precise projections and respond efficiently to marketplace specifications.

“Berger Paints has always worked towards engaging its end users and the contractors have played a very important role in the process. Through the launch of Masterstrokes, we acknowledge the role of contractors and look towards further building a special relationship between the brand and the professionals. It is also an innovative way to encourage them to build on their professional skills and knowledge as well as augment their earnings,” mentioned R Raghupathi, sr manager, Sales and Marketing.

Berger Paints had its colourful beginnings in 1760 in England, when Lewis Berger, an enterprising young German chemist had his large breakthrough.

He had perfected the manufacturing procedure for Prussian Blue, a single of the most essential pigments of that period.

This achievement marked the arrival of Berger Paints as a modern day paint manufacturing business.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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