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Bank Muscat welcomes Oman Football Team with pride and enthusiasm

Bank Muscat welcomes Oman Football Team with pride and enthusiasm

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Bank Muscat, the flagship monetary solutions provider in the sultanate, in line with its ‘Let’s Do More’ vision and commitment to partnership in advertising Oman as a sporting nation, extended a hero’s welcome to Oman Football Team, the 23rd Gulf Cup champions, in the presence of Abdul Razak Ali Issa, chief executive, and OFA officials at the bank’s head workplace.

Traditional folklore bands whipped up a festive spirit as a huge turn-out of employees and consumers joined the GCC Cup champions, who displayed the crowning glory, to the accompaniment of cheering and adulation.

Issa mentioned, “Bank Muscat is delighted to honour the Oman Football Team and we join the nation in congratulating all members of the team for achieving a milestone for Oman football. As the flagship bank in Oman, Bank Muscat leads by example and the honouring of the team reflects our commitment to promote Oman as a sporting nation. The gesture towards the team reiterates the bank’s commitment to offer the required encouragement and support for the national teams to put up their best efforts and further lift the national honour to new highs.”

Bank Muscat is a main supporter of the national game of football. In all main tournaments, which includes the Gulf Cup, Bank Muscat has led by instance, getting the initial private sector institution to announce help for the national team. Bank Muscat aims to strongly convey the message of help to the national teams so as to motivate other individuals to adhere to suit and supply the needed impetus for them to excel in sports and games.

For the 23rd Gulf Cup in Kuwait, the bank had announced a handsome reward for the national team which faced the UAE in the title clash. At the commence of the championship, the bank, aimed at motivating the team, extended help for the National Team Fans Association members who attended the occasion to cheer the team.

In maintaining with the passion for football in Oman, Bank Muscat seizes each and every chance to market the national game. Central to the bank’s social duty initiatives is the Green Sports initiative to market Oman as a sporting nation in common and football in certain.

The Green Sports initiative launched in 2012 has gained momentum with a total of 78 sports teams across the sultanate benefiting from the help till date. Marking the seventh year of the special CSR initiative, the bank is set to help the improvement of 15 football fields across the sultanate in 2018.

The Green Sports initiative has produced essential contributions to making an atmosphere encouraging Omani sports talents. The special initiative is a huge help for the country’s youth to grow to be sporting heroes for the nation.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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