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Bahwan Travel Services conducts travel and tour contest for OTC students

Bahwan Travel Services conducts travel and tour contest for OTC students

This has attracted the focus of its market partners who have stepped forward and demonstrated their willingness to assistance the college’s endeavours in numerous methods.

Recently, Sky Souq, the on-line venture of Bahwan Travels (Suhail Bahwan Group Holdings) partnered with OTC on a new idea ‘Earn whilst you learn’, as a element of the company’s ongoing corporate social duty initiative.

To initiate this procedure, a representative of Sky Souq, Mubashir, held an introductory session on on-line booking with OTC students in November final year. This led to the launch of a competitors titled ‘Oman Innovative Tourism Package 2017’, exactly where students had been asked to produce tour packages advertising Oman as a location.

Commenting on the significance of the contest inside the context of the college’s market focused programmes, Dr Abdulkarim al Mughairi, dean, OTC, stated, “We are committed to creating opportunities for our students where they will gain adequate industry exposure and real-world experience. In this way, we are creating a market-ready inventory of talent for Oman’s rapidly growing tourism and hospitality industry. We thank our partners at Bahwan Travel Services for going the extra mile and opening the doors of opportunity to our students, giving them real-time work experience and industry relevant training. The partnership is another example of how our collaboration with our partners in the industry fosters better focus on training for immediate employment in the wake of massive developments across Oman’s tourism sector.”

S A Gururaj and his team visited the college as an affirmation of their assistance and met all the 16 participants. He congratulated them on their participation in the contest and rewarded their enthusiasm personally with a membership to the Bahwan’s agency portal. Here, students could function in the function of travel agents and assist consumers book tickets on-line. Students would also be educated in how to use the tool to make reside bookings and earn a commission for their efforts.

Gururaj stated, “Bhawan Travels is always happy to assist Oman Tourism College in their goals to increase the talent pool of employment ready candidates. We corroborate the college’s position on the significance of developing Oman’s manpower resources at the academic level, so that the country will be equipped with an efficient talent force ready to take on various roles in an ever expanding industry.”

The students had been excited at becoming offered such a distinctive chance and thanked the organisation. Both the organization and OTC hope that this will turn out to be an annual occasion as a element of their commitment to market careers in Oman’s travel and tourism market.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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