Thursday, 15 Apr 2021
As part of the annual meeting held by Les Clefs d’Or UAE and the Oman Concierge Group, Assistant Chief Concierge at Kempinski Hotel Muscat, Emanuele Vecchio was pinned with the ‘golden keys’ of Les Clefs d’Or, signifying his ability to unlock any door for guests in order to provide a memorable experience, in an event held at the Muscat Ballroom.

Assistant Chief Concierge at Kempinski Hotel Muscat receives golden keys from Les Clefs d’Or

Vecchio is the initial concierge member from Kempinski Hotel Muscat to get the golden crossed keys, joining the hotel as component of the pre-opening team in March following becoming a concierge for more than eight years. In addition, Vecchio marks the initial concierge to be pinned in Oman, as other members of the Oman Concierge Group have been pinned in the UAE.

Easily identified by the golden crossed keys on their lapels, members of Les Clefs d’Or are an elite fraternity, globally connected, committed to skilled improvement, and driven to setting new requirements for guest service perfection. Vecchio is a member of Les Clefs d’Or UAE and the Oman Concierge Group, and has participated in the 2015 Asian Concierge Congress in Tokyo and the 2016 World Concierge Congress in Dubai. A driven and ambitious concierge skilled, he aims to offer impeccable service for discerning guests and guests to Kempinski Hotel Muscat.

With roots dating back to 1929, Les Clefs d’Or was officially founded in France in 1952 as a non-profit organisation.

Before earning the correct to put on the golden keys, these who aspire to turn out to be a member need to have a number of years of encounter as a hotel concierge, pass extensive testing and prove their capability to provide the highest high quality of service.

Nestled inside the neighborhood of Al Mouj Muscat and encompassing more than 6km of gorgeous coastline, Kempinski Hotel Muscat is an unparalleled luxury location in the capital of Oman.

With 310 rooms and suites, state-of-the-art meeting facilities, globe-class restaurants and bars, a completely equipped fitness centre and an genuine spa encounter, guests can immerse themselves in the finer items in life.  A gateway to an genuine Omani adventure, Kempinski Hotel Muscat offers a blend of nearby traditions and European luxury.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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