Tuesday, 6 Jun 2023
Ahlibank organises security fire drill exercise at head office in Wattayah

Ahlibank organises safety fire drill physical exercise at head workplace in Wattayah

Recently, Ahlibank performed a safety fire drill physical exercise in compliance with the Civil Defence and ROP requirements and specifications of the bank’s safety program. The team implemented the evacuation in regular time which was effectively in the acceptable variety.

The officials at Civil Defence and ROP appreciated the efforts of the bank’s specialists to accomplish the very best safety requirements and construct a secure atmosphere for workers and clients, which reflected positively upon Ahlibank’s safety team.

“On behalf of the safety and security team, I would like to thank all the participants. It was a team effort and everyone played a significant role in accomplishing this record time and making this drill a success,” mentioned Abdulamir al Tamimi, senior manager, Safety and Security.

Abdullah al Jabri, senior basic manager, Support Services, mentioned, “Health and safety in the office environment are essential and form the backbone to ensure that all our staff works in a risk-free environment. We pay utmost heed to training, drills and practice sessions.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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