Thursday, 25 Feb 2021
Any woman aged above 20 years must spend a few minutes once a week for doing a preliminary examination of herself with a view to rule out any abnormal lumps on her breasts which may be a possible indication of cancer.

Abeer Hospital hosts session on breast cancer awareness and self-examination

This was the pivotal statement in the unique awareness speak by Dr Amaravani Medithe, specialist – General and Laparoscopic Surgery, Abeer Hospital, Ruwi at a session on Breast Cancer Awareness and Self-Examination held at the hospital final week.

“Research papers reveal that one out of eight women is likely to develop breast cancer in her lifetime. Thanks to the increase in awareness, mortality rate due to this type of cancer is seen declining. The American Cancer Society has attested to this fact,” she stated.

Dr Amaravani also explained the want to undergo clinical breast examination by all ladies aged above 40 years. “Get a mammography done once a year. Early diagnosis and effective treatment have resulted in significant improvement in the overall cure rate,” she added. 

“We are fundamentally focussed on the preventive and predictive aspects of health care. Organising such programmes continually make us feel more committed to the healthcare domain,” stated Jamsheer Hamza, director of Operations, Abeer Medical Group, Oman. Dr Sukumaran Vengayil, consultant – General and Laparoscopic Surgery and health-related director, Abeer Hospital, was also present for the session. The presentation was followed by an FAQ session. Free Abeer Med Cards have been gifted to the attendees.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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