Thursday, 28 Jan 2021
Keeping in mind the vital role of Transfusion Medicine in healthcare, Abeer Hospital organised a session on Blood Services in Oman as part of its monthly academic programmes. It was held in association with the Department of Blood Services, Ministry of Health, Oman.

Abeer Hospital conducts academic session on Blood Services in Oman

The team of Abeer Hospital was encouraged by Dr Thamina Muhammed Ashraf, specialist and head of Central Blood Bank, and Dr Zainab al Araimi, director – Department of Blood Services, in this public supportive endeavour. They congratulated the team on picking this relevant initiative and assured their complete help for such initiatives.

Dr Ahmed El Kashef, specialist in Transfusion Medicine – Central Blood Bank, was present on the occasion. He discussed the advancements and innovations in Transfusion Medicine. His was an all-inclusive presentation on the functional functions of blood donation solutions in the sultanate. It shed light on the evolution and implementation of new technologies in Transfusion Medicine given that its outset in the nation, top quality requirements in blood transfusion service, administrative and clinical procedures involved in blood transfusion in private healthcare establishments.

The speak was mainly intended for reinforcing information and awareness of Abeer workers, especially physicians, and these functioning in the departments of nursing and laboratory. An interactive session followed by the presentation helped attendees pose their queries and get a clear perception of the topic. Dr Sukumaran Vengail, senior consultant – General and Laparoscopic Surgery and Medical Director at Abeer Hospital, touched on the require for the awareness on blood donation and donor recruitments.

Jamsheer Hamza, director of Operations – Abeer Medical Group, Oman, stated an additional such session is in prospect. “We will seek accreditation of Oman Medical Specialty Board to carry on as a CME programme.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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