Tuesday, 6 Jun 2023
77% voting in OCCI election; five win in Muscat governorate

77% voting in OCCI election 5 win in Muscat governorate

Winners from Muscat governorate are Eng Redha bin Juma bin Mohammed Ali al Saleh, Rashid bin Amer bin Mohammed al Maslahi, Qais bin Mohammed bin Musa al Yousef, Ali bin Hamdan bin Hassan al Ajmi and Ahmed bin Abdul Karim bin Hussein al Hooti.

Of the 23,505 eligible to vote in the election, 18,043 cast their votes across the nation. A total of 75 winners had been elected from across the nation.

Several enterprise owners and their representatives voted to elect the new board for OCCI as nicely as the boards of directors of the branches for 2018-22.

OCCI headquarters board comprises 5 members from Muscat, in addition to the heads of ten boards of OCCI branches in other governorates. An OCCI branch board has seven members. H E Eng Ahmed bin Hassan al Dheeb, Undersecretary in the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and head of the OCCI Election Committee earlier stated that voting to pick the OCCI Board of Directors was carried out electronically.

He affirmed that the election method went as planned by the committee. “Candidates have seven days to submit their appeals after which the committee will announce the final lists. Each OCCI branch board will hold a meeting to elect the head and deputy chief after which ten heads of the branches and the Governorate of Muscat members will meet to elect the OCCI chairman,” H E Eng Dheeb stated.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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