Friday, 16 Apr 2021
The Governorate of North Sharqiyah has undertaken several promising projects to boost tourism. Talal bin Khalfan al Shuaibi, director of tourism in North Sharqiyah, said the governorate has 25 hotel facilities, with 42 companies operating in the tourism sector.

25 hotel facilities cater to North Sharqiyah vacationers

The governorate is presently implementing a quantity of projects whilst numerous other people are in the anvil such as apartments, hotels, two green hotels in the wilayat of Ibra, a hotel and 3 tourist camps in the wilayat of Bidiyah.

He stated the governorate with its wadis, ponds, mountain trails, sand, castles and forts has the prospective to supply massive possibilities to the private sector.

The future projects in the governorate contain a tourist resort in the wilayat of Bidiyah, amusement and gaming centres as effectively as a sandy cycling circuit in Al Wasil, a tourist camp and a hotel in Rikkah.

In the wilayat of Dima Wa’al Taien, two hotels will be set up in Sumahan and Mahlaj, as effectively as a tourist resort in Al Fulaij in Ibra and two hotels in Suwairij in the wilayat of Mudhaibi and Najd al Mahramah in Al Qabel.

In the private sector investments in the tourism sector and the possibilities obtainable in the governorate, Shuaibi stated that the private sector has a considerable function in the governorate’s tourism movement.

There are several possibilities for the private sector such as operating cafés close to ponds in Wadi Bani Khalid. There are a quantity of private businesses that are specialised in rescue and ambulance and sanitation solutions. They can play an efficient function in supplying aid in case of emergencies and preserving the cleanliness in tourist web sites such as castles, fortresses and wadis.
In addition to this, some citizens have invested in the tourism sector. They had began solutions like public toilets at their personal costs.

The ministry took them on lease for a renewable contract for a period of 5 years to serve the domestic tourism movement. There are ten such public toilets spread in numerous tourist web sites of the governorate.

On the tourist elements of the governorate, Shuaibi stated that Wadi Bani Khalid plays an essential element with its picturesque places. There are a quantity of ponds such as Dooda, Kinarah, Al Matjar, Al Mukhdah, Al Hajir and Alalah.

The wilayat of Dima Wa’al Taien as well has ponds such as Al Falaj, Al Murr, Al Sakhna, Al Misfah. There are also mountain tracks. Sharqiyah Sands is also a gorgeous desert camping region with a quantity of tourist activities. These contain driving 4WDs and dune bashing in addition to horse and camel races.

Shuaibi also stated that the tourism division in the Governorate of North Sharqiyah was implementing the ministry’s policy in coordination with the concerned directorates. It is also monitoring all tourism facilities to make certain compliance.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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